Friday, November 1, 2013

Long weekend

Hi guys,
I haven't written much lately. I haven't updated the blog at all, to be honest. I've been extremely busy and -at the end of busy days- the last thing I want to do is writing... again. 

Anyway, it's a long weekend here and we're going to Val d'Ayas, Aosta Valley. Not that I'm particularly fond of mountains but we know a very nice place to stay there and I'm in the mood for walking in nature. I desperately need a couple of days with G. We need quality time together: no dog, no parents, just us. Nature is a plus for me... being allergic to big cities and having spent long days in Milano. Time for me to forget about everything -especially work- and focus on G. , nature and good food. Another benefit of the place we're going to stay is the spa. They have a small spa. I've been longing for a massage for a long time now!  

We'll be off to Val d'Ayas in a few hours and we'll be staying untile Sunday evening, I guess. 

Have a great weekend!

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