Friday, October 26, 2012


I've been working 24/7 lately. I've achieved an important goal too so, even though I am starting to feel tired, things are doing well. I'm happy with the work I have done and it seems that my boss is happy too which is even more important, if you can see what I mean.

We need a break though. From work and from the "pest" who, by the way, will turn 5 months in a few days. My mum has kindly offered to look after him (read= live with him night & day) for a couple of days so we're going to a place that we love: Langhe. It's truffle time by the way so just the right season for a short trip there. Relax, good wine, good food and time for ourselves without "the baby" ;-)  I strongly hope the weather will be good otherwise the lovely countryside will end up being boring.

Orlando is getting big. He has dropped bad habits and picked up new ones ;-) Eating rocks is not funny anymore, what about branches? And cats' poo? Yeah! So, he's still on leash most of the time which I don't like at all. Due to his high level of energy he should run free for hours in the garden but we can't leave him alone off leash in the garden as he eats what he finds. We go out for walks and with treats he behaves better. He's still a nightmare when we eat though. Overall he is great fun and very attached to us. Perhaps a bit too much... independence is not a word he seems to like. 

Have a good weekend.


Friday, October 12, 2012


As Andy wrote, the fall (can't spell Autumn ;) is here. I wish I could spend a few days in Canada as the foliage is so great there. One day we went to a friend's cottage on a small lake. It was late October and wood was red, orange and yellow. Difficult to describe and to forget! This memory makes me longing for Canada. I spent the afternoon there, helping them fixing the roof (!) of their fairy tale-like house. I went for a short walk in the woods and felt, for the first time in my life, completely immersed in nature. The leaves cracked under my shoes as I stepped onto a path that was more familiar to wild animals than to me. When I stopped and realized that I could't hear the voices of my friends, I was worried to get lost  and eventually killed by bears. I had the feeling the nature was much powerful and wild that I had thought. It was time to go back. I didn't get lost but - if I think about it- I got lost in nature for a little while and it was scary & wonderful at the same time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012