Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celebrating LIFE, chi vuol esser lieto sia

I came across this blog. Apparently, a bit too late. But it's never too late, as we say here. 
It hit me like a thunder but it also made me think about the urge to celebrate life, every single day. I have to remember that we all have to work and I do my best to fulfill my duties but life is too rich to be encapsulated in just one thing. 
All of sudden life can change and not always for the better. Let's celebrate what we have right now because, as Lorenzo de' Medici put it centuries ago, 
"tomorrow, none can tell" (del doman non v'รจ certezza).

Have a good day!

Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday!

The good news today is that the week is almost over. I'm glad that the weekend is approaching. I'll have to work tomorrow but on Sunday we're going to visit a friend and his family who live in a (VERY) small  place near Crema. He is not just a friend, G. is one of my best friend. We've know each other for more than 10 years and he is really special. He lives in an area where there is literally nothing but he is not a city man and he is quite happy there. They live all together: G, his brother & parents and still do things that my grandma used to do, like home made pasta and lasagna, like going to the church every Sunday (this is R., G's mum), like speaking dialect. I love them. There's always a warm atmosphere at their house, an ancient taste of typical Italian family. I can't wait to see them all.

It's a sunny day here, a bit chilly but a beautiful day indeed. Today I'll have lunch with someone I haven't seen in ages and I'm eager to catch up with her. I'm glad I'll meet L. as without M. (who moved to Australia a few weeks ago), I feel a bit sad at work. I also need to take a break from Orlando, to be honest. Yesterday he drove me crazy. It was very windy and he wanted to stay in the garden all the time and wanted me to stay outside with him! So today he'll stay wit grandma as mum needs a day off!

I wish you a lovely weekend, my friends.

Ps. I can't put it down! Thanks, Andy :-) 
And thank you to Silvia for this. Jerusalem is a great cookbook. My homemade hummus was pretty good!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

You can call me a liar

I mean, you're allowed to call me liar as I first wrote that I wanted to write more this year and then I even wrote that, being at home, I had the time to do it which is of course not the case.
I am overwhelmed by work.
To the point that I have to work every single weekend otherwise I wouldn't meet deadlines.
I don't want to complain though as, at least, I do have a job. So, it's ok and I know that maybe after April things will get slightly better. 

Nothing new as far as my personal life is concerned. Just one thing, G. has to attend a course as an agent. He has to, there is no way he can avoid this. I am not happy about it as it implies attending 3 hours from Monday to Thursday (7pm - 10pm) which is a lot. He'll be pretty tired and I'll have to eat dinner alone almost for the whole week :-( 
However, I am sure that my mum will join me and Orlando will make me scream and laugh so I can deal with it, but still.

Ok, back to work now.
I'd love to catch up with my fav.blogs. I'll do my best to read your blogs.