Wednesday, September 4, 2013


I like September because is the month of the "plans". Well, for me it's the time of the year when I start thinking about ways of getting less stressed, feeling better etc. I'm not particularly good at sticking with these kind plans except for Pilates which I'm going to start in a couple of weeks. 
This year I want to set up some sort of rules and/or habits before it's too late (read: stressed out).
  1. don't check my emails before 8 a.m. (or before breakfast). I often work at home which is tricky because I tend to check emails when I get up in order to ged rid of (part) of them. This causes stress though as sometimes I wake up quite early thinking about emails or things that I have to do. This has to stop. Take this morning. I woke up and 7, it's 8:18 and I haven't checked my email yet which is usual for me. I am feeling good and I'm about to start my working day in a relaxing mood. I haven't checked twitter & haven't switched on my iphone which is even better. I'll switch everything on in 10 minutes. 
  2. decide a regular habit of work. Again, working at home is difficult as there's no schedule as such. You can even have lunch while working or working after dinner, why not? Usually I don't work right before or after dinner. This is my time with G. However, I do sometimes work while having lunch IF I feel there's a need for extra work. I have to stop it, it's not even healthy.
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...
more to come...


  1. LOL.

    I wonder if you'll post if you break rule number 1? That's the one I see you breaking first ;-)

  2. Yes, andy ;-)
    if a break rule number 1. I'll post it :-D