Monday, November 11, 2013


I've lost my password to access to this blog. Well, I haven't lost it but I did change it a while ago. 
I thought I was on the safe side as -from my laptop- I could open blogger without entering the password every single time. Moreover, I could -and still can- access from my iPhone.
A few days ago I opened a new google account and blogger changed the settings so it seems that I have to enter a password I don't remember in order to get access to my blog.
I'm now writing for my mobile as I don't have to write a password here.
I can't retrieve the password as they are going to send it to the email address which is my username account to access the blog!
Let me think how to deal with it and I'll get back to you soon...


  1. LOL
    I'm guessing this might mean a change of blog. Like that's never happened ;-)

  2. But this time is not intentional!