Friday, November 23, 2012

Lola goes mobile

I bought an iPhone. Yes, it's one of the gifts I mentioned below ;-)
I must admit that I love it... I'm addicted already.
Anyway it's likely that I'll write more now as soon as I learn how to type with two hands. I use only my right hand for now and writing a post takes forever.
Have a good day! We had an early
Start as Orlando woke us up at 5:30..,

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I haven't updated the blog

for a long time and I haven't replied to your comments. Sorry about that. It's been crazy with very little time for myself. 
Things are doing well and I feel less stressed than a few weeks ago. I am off today and tomorrow (thank God!) which is great because next week and the first week of December are going to be hectic. Next week I'll be stuck in meetings and workshops while the first week of December I'll be on biz trip for 4 days. 

I'm so glad I am at home today. I worked this morning and then I spent time with Orlando in the garden. He ran and played and had fun without doing stupid things except for eating a small branch. Obviously he prefers running free in the garden instead of going out for walks on leash. However, he has to be supervised all the time even though he has improved a lot. No more stones, just branches and leaves (sometimes). Unluckily there's a cat who poops in the garden and Orlando... well, you can imagine what he does. Bleah.

December is approaching and I still haven't given serious thoughts on Christmas, Christmas presents and New Year's eve. To be honest, I treated myself, namely I bought some gifts... for me ;-) I guess we'll spend Christmas day here and invite over my small family while we'll spend boxing day with G's family. New Year's eve has never been special to us but THIS YEAR is special because of Orlandino and we want to stay at home with the him.

Anyway, we'll see. We don't have plans yet.

Since Orlando is with us, I am happier and more "balanced", if you can see what I mean. Of course there are drawbacks but the trade off is worth it. We sleep less but we do have him :-)

On a different tone, I'm reading a very interesting book which I highly recommend: The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton. I promise I'll write a post about it.