Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Made in Louise

I'm in Brussels. the weather is dreadful and it's cold BUT I'm staying in a lovely place. This family hotel is wonderful, number 1 in TripAdvisor and now I understand why. The owner is an architect who has renovated and decorated the main building. New rooms were built at the of February this year and everything looks clean and cozy. Melanie is so kind and offered me a chocolate cake & a delicious mint tea as soon as I checked in. I have to work now but the place I'm staying makes a huge difference. I'm happy to work here!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

I am back/ almost random thoughts

I am very happy to announce that Lola's scrapbook is back :-)

I wrote in Italian somewhere else for a while than I got fed up with that blog. I can't tell why. Well, I know why. 
1. I don't like writing in Italian as it makes me fell more "vulnerable" and even a bit "fake". I like writing my private stuff in English;
2. I don't like being read by some people that "surveil" me through the blog. They don't want to do it but I perceive it like a monitoring and I hate it. I know (?) Lola's scrapbook readers and I really like them so I'd better stick with my blog and my lovely readers.
3. Every time I'm up for a change, 5 minutes later I miss this little virtual space.

So, I am back.

It's been REALLY hectic lately and it's going to be like this until the summer break. However, I'm involved in things that I like so it's ok to be busy.

Orlando turns 1 this week and we're super thrilled about it. Unluckily, I'll be on biz trip for a couple of days AND I'll leave on his birthday which is a real shame. On the bright side, S. has planned a  dog party with Orlando's mum and his brothers & sisters in June. We're going to celebrate all together and it's going to be a huge mess (8 Irish Setters, OMG). 3 weeks ago we met Fenice (Orlando's mum) and 2 sisters. You should have seen Orlando: he was all over the place and had a blast with them. He is very social and likes a lot dogs.

Yesterday we saw La grande bellezza by Paolo Sorrentino. It's a great movie, don't miss it! One of the best movie I've ever seen.

Should get going now, buona domenica...
it's sooo good to be back