Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Not my lucky days

After the germs, I split my lower lip! Can you believe it?
I was running after Orlando in the garden and fell down.
I am fine now but  I went to the hospital to check that everything was ok and I wish I didn't. We waited for more than 4 hours (from 9:30 until 2:00 a.m!) and when the E.R. doctor had a look at my lips said: "you waited for 4 hours, right? Good, now the cut doesn't need stitches"
"yes, at this stage we can't sew it back together as it is healing and it's too swollen"
"It's healing already, don't worry"

If, on the one hand, it was true and I was glad about it, on the other one shouldn't be left bleeding for 4 hours in the hope that eventually the cut will heal in a place FULL of germs. Sorry but there's no other way to describe an E.R.

Anyway...these are not my lucky days ;-)


  1. Hmmm. I think I'm going to be a little contentious now - so, I'll appologise in advance :-D

    If, after 4 hours, your lip was healing then you really didn't need to go to ER (Casualty, as we in the UK call it).

    And, then, if you say that, probably, up to 50% of the people were there for similar, "minor" things - that is exactly why there's a 4-hour wait!

    So,in conclusion, people who don't need to go there are clogging up the system and causing delays for people who really do need to be there! And these people might really suffer as a result ............... because of you!

    There, I told you it would be contentious ;-)

    Still love you though :-D

  2. well, but I didn't know that my lip was ok!
    Two years ago I broke my upper lip and it needed stitches but I didn't know it as I'm not a doctor.
    4-hour waiting was not for minor things though. It was because there were only 2 doctors and something (a TC) was broken so everything was veeery slow.

    I'm not one who goes to the Casualty if there's no need. I hate it and, as you said, I don't want to clog up the system. However, my lip didn't look good to be honest and I needed X-Ray to my chin + jaws which, at the end, I refused to do because I had to stay there until 6 a.m , I think.

  3. OK, OK ;-)

    Points taken.

    How is it now?

    Have a great weekend.

  4. ;-)
    much better, thank you Andy.
    buon fine settimana anche a te!